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GMAT Scores matter.

It's a fact: you need exceptional qualifications to get into a top MBA program, but even with great work experience, well crafted personal essays, and strong recommendations, applicants with average performance on the Graduate Management Admission Test just don't stand out -- an average score can eliminate an otherwise good candidate from consideration.
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You might wonder why I would share this.  I'm not selling practice tests or review courses, but I did take a test prep class (more later). >>why I reveal gmat practice tips

How do you approach a challenge? If you consider the test an irrelevant exercise, then it will be difficult to muster the required energy to properly prepare for the examination. Besides, these "irrelevant" problems are designed to test Business School skills such as logic and time management, as well as personal attributes of flexibility, focus, and determination. >>more

My GMAT Review tips

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